Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Services

Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Study

What is HFE?

Understanding human physical and mental capacities, capabilities and limitations is crucial to overcome Human error as a threat which may lead to Major Accident Events (MAE).

Application of that understanding; with regards to the design and use of tools, equipment, tasks, workplaces, procedures, hardware and software within a working environment is known as Human Factors Engineering (HFE).

HFE implementation in any project ensure work systems are designed to positively influence human behaviour to perform tasks safely and reliably.

1: NOPSEMA, A424182

Why Implement HFE?

Implementation of HFE activities at the earliest stage of any project are to achieve following objectives2:

  • To eliminate or reduce potential of human error and its consequences.
  • To reduce HSE occupational and process safety risks of facilities.
  • To improve human efficiency and productivity, thereby increasing operational performance.
  • To contribute in optimizing Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) resulting in more efficient designs and avoiding the need for changes and/or re-work at later stages.
  • To establish mutual acceptance between Project Management and Operations teams from early Project stages.

2: PETRONAS, PD&T HFE in Projects

What Are Our HFE Services?

Our experienced HFE Team offers the following services for any offshore and onshore facilities, brownfield or greenfield projects:

  1. HFE Implementation Plan, HFE Plan, HFE Strategy
  2. HFE Project Terms of Reference (TOR)
  3. HFE Awareness Training to Project Team, Design Team, Construction Team
  4. HFE Screening
  5. HFE 2D Drawings / 3D Model Verification for Topside Modules, Technical Building, Living Quarters (LQ) and Central Control Room (CCR)
  6. Valves Criticality Analysis (VCA)
  7. Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA)
  8. HFE for Vendor Packages (3D Model Verification, 2D Drawings Review, Design Specification Checklist)
  9. HFE Construction Independent Verification (Site Visit at Fabrication Yard)
  10. HFE Design Specification Development and Addendum to Client’s Internal HFE Design Specification (Project Specific)
  11. HFE Input for Manual Handling Study