Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering includes :

 •  Feasibility Studies 
 •  Field Development Plans 
 •  Conceptual Design
 •  Front End Engineering Design
 •  Value Engineering
 •  Manning Level Optimization




What is Manning Level Study?
Manning level study is an analysis done on the operated facility to determine the appropriate number of personnel that it needs to function effectively as intended. The 'appropriate' number of personnel , can be consider for the question of "How Much People Should We Hire" as well as "How Much People Should be Placed Here at One Time (or Shift)"

Why Do Manning Level Study?
  •  Determine the required number of personnel — or the increased requirement of personnel if a facility is being modified.
  •  Determine the type of personnel required;
  •  Determined how many shifts per day needed, or even the need of multiple shift per day;
  •  Extensively: Manning level study can be back logged and compared with other facilities, to see how effective a certain facility's manning level is.
  •  As well as to see where there is a manpower surplus and where there is manpower choke.

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